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GSP encourages experiential learning. Therefore, students are encouraged to go abroad every year to enhance their knowledge. Depending on their major, GSP students visit the major cities of the world and meet specialists in different fields.


London, UK, 2013
London, UK, 2013
GSP held an overseas training for future development consultants for MIDAC (Master's in International Development and Consulting) students in London between 17-21 June. The main training for future development consultants was hosted by Triple Line Consulting in London. The training consisted of presentations and workshops on developing core technical skills for consultancy such as consultancy entry points, fund management, spheres of influence and theories of change, working with clients and beneficiaries and monitoring & evaluation.
Osaka, Japan, 2011
Students were provided the chance to attend the International Workshop at School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), Osaka University, Japan for 7 days.
Students were introduced to the politics, economics, culture and history of Japan through lectures on the topic of "Society and International Relations of Contemporary Japan".
Birmingham, UK, 2008
Birmingham, UK, 2008
Vietnam, 2010
The field trip to Vietnam included visits to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the World Bank Office, Viet-Korea Cooperation Center, the Temple of Literature (Van Mieu) and others.
The program offered meetings with the alumni and professionals while also travelling around the country and socializing with the locals.
Finland & Denmark, 2008
To learn about the experience of the advanced international development experience of Nordic countries, selected students participated in IDC Training Session and visited international development and cooperation related organizations such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Niras, IBIS, and COWI in Finland and Denmark.
Birmingham, UK, 2008
Birmingham, UK, 2008
Birmingham, UK, 2008
The field trip to the UK was conducted at the University of Birmingham in connection to international development. The group visited various government and non-government groups such as CAFOD (The Catholic Overseas Development Agency) and the UK Department for International Development. The intensive lectures offered at the University of Birmingham also extended students knowledge and views on international development.