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Internships provide a great opportunity for filling the gap between theory and practice. Through internships, students are able to integrate and use their knowledge from classes, develop further competence through intensive field experience, take steps for gain that competence under educational supervision, and become better acquainted with the types of work settings.

This is why GSP places particular emphasis on internship and especially on international experience. All students are encouraged to undertake internship before graduation. Overseas internships are eligible to recognition of academic credits as well as financial support.

GSP runs a unique support program for internships called KISS (The Kyung Hee International Internship Support System) which manages student internships in three stages: identification, implementation and evaluation.


The collaborative efforts by the university, professors and students make internship placements successful. Kyung Hee University and GSP also offer respective placement programs such as the Neo-Renaissance UN/INGO Internship Program and the GSP-Washington Center internship. Overseas internships are largely promoted via the GSP-MKE-KISS global network.


Students are required to keep a journal of their activities to be sent to their department chair via-email or uploaded to the school blog on a weekly basis during the internship. Within a month after finishing the internship, students are required to submit a written internship report and research paper when applying for credits after a minimum of eight weeks of the internship. The final internship performance is evaluated by the faculty on the basis of the daily journals, the student reports, and the supervisor and faculty advisor evaluations. The final evaluation is a part of the overall performance evaluation and can also be used for scholarship adjustment. Students must also make a brief assessment of the internship organization. Throughout the year, GSP hosts various internship seminars where students share their experience with others.

List of Institutions

Multilateral Organizations
  • UN DESA (U.S.)
  • UN DPI (U.S.)
  • UN DESA (Thailand)
  • IDB (U.S.)
  • OECD (France)
  • UNICEF Tokyo Office (Japan)
  • UN ECLAC (Chile)
  • UNICEF (East-Timor)
  • APCTT, UN ESCAP (India)
  • Organizations of American States (U.S.)
Private Business, Finance and Consulting Firms
  • Cuatro Vientos Chile Ltda (Chile)
  • Lanka Jatika Sarvodaya
  • Shramadana Sangamaya (Sri-Lanka)
  • BH Masyarakat (Indonesia)
  • Tianze Steel Processing Co., Ltd (China)
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (China)
  • Overseas Korea (Korea)
  • Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Center III (Vietnam)
  • POSCO (Korea)
  • Rural Cooperation Bank of XinYu
  • BOC International, BOC International,
    China Limited (China)
  • The Fund Settlement Center of Zibo Mining Group Corporation Ltd.(China)
  • Management Dynamics INC (U.S.)
  • LT Strategies (U.S.)
  • Jhon Clements Consultants
    (The Philippines)
  • Yongxu Huijia Culture Intercourse
    Co. Ltd (China)
  • Liuzhou Global IELTS Training School (China)
  • Guangxi Nanning Maoshi Imp. & Exp. Tading Co. Ltd. (China)
  • NanTong Shenma Electric Technology Co. Ltd (China)
  • Weihai Commercial Bank (China)
Central Banks, Ministries and other Government Agencies
  • Municipalidad de Curridabat
    (Costa Rica)
  • Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (Spain)
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of
    China (Colombia)
  • National Science and Technology Commission (China)
  • The Central Bank of Paraguay (Paraguay)
  • Voice of America (U.S.)
  • Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mongolia)
  • Boj Servis (Mongolia)
  • China-Korean Chamber of Commerce Yantai Branch (China)
  • Peruvian Commission for Export and Tourism (Peru)
  • Agricultural Bank of China (China)
Non-Governmental Organizations
  • World Vision (The Philippines)
  • The Frontiers (East-Timor, Malaysia, Indonesia)
  • Good People (The Philippines)
  • Swiss Federation for Development & International Cooperation (Peru)
  • Good People (India)
  • Asia America Initiative (U.S.)
  • Amnesty International South Regional Office (U.S.)
  • GCS International (Korea)
  • Gawad Kalinga (The Philippines)
Research Institutes
  • INDECOPI (Peru)
  • NAM S&T Centre (India)
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica del
    Perú (Peru)
  • Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (Korea)
  • NISTPASS (Vietnam)