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Field of Study

M.A. Program
  • International Trade &Economic Cooperation (IT&EC)
  • International Development Cooperation(IDC)
  • International Development and Consulting (MIDAC) [Saturday class]
  • International Business (IB)

Ph.D. Program
  • International Development Cooperation(IDC)


  • M.A. Program : Those who have Bachelor's degrees or Master's degrees or who are in the final year of the above degree programs.
  • Ph.D. Program : Those who have Master's degrees or who are in the final year of the above degree programs.

Admission Review and Procedures

Evaluation Procedures :
Round 1 : Evaluation of Application Documents (40%)
Round 2 : English Interview (40%)
Round 3 : English Writing Test (20%)

- Overseas Applicants (M.A. Program and Ph.D. Applicants)
  Evaluation : Application Documents (40%) + English Interview (60%)

- Domestic Applicants
  Evaluation : Application Documents (40%) + English Interview (40%) + English Writing Test (20%)
* All applicants are required to have an intensive interview in English.
* Applicants who are residing abroad and are unable to attend the interview may have an interview by phone.


  • Online Application : June.9(Fri) ~ June.23(Fri) 24:00, 2017
    Document Submission : June.9(Fri) ~ June.26(Mon), 2017
  • Domestic Applicants Interview : July.1.(Sat), 2017
  • Overseas Applicants Interview : June.28.(Wed) ~ June.30(Fri), 2017
  • Admission Result : July.10(Mon), 2017

Admission Review and Procedures

Online Application
- Click a pop-up banner for “Online application” at GSP website.
- Get started on your application.
- Make application fee (75,000 KRW) payment at the application website.

Document Submission
- After finishing your online application, print out the application forms at the application website.
- Mail your application documents including the application form.

Mailing Address (GSP Administration Office)
Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies(GSP), Kyung Hee University
1732 Deogyeong-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17104, Republic of Korea
Tel: 82-31-201-2146~9 / Fax: 82-31-204-8120 / E-mail: gsp@khu.ac.kr

Required Documentation

  • Completed Application form
    - M.A. Applicants: Application form including Personal statement
    - Ph.D. Applicants: Application form including Personal statement, Resume, and Statement of future career plan
    * Application form can be downloaded at the application website after you make the application fee payment.
  • Financial Certification for Admission : Applicant’s or sponsor’s bank certificate(Original) indicating minimum deposit of $20,000.
  • Official transcripts of academic records
  • Two letters of recommendation (sealed)
  • A copy of the degree diploma (original, English or with English translation)
    * Chinese applicants should submit the copied certificate of their degree in English issued by the China Academic Degree &
       Graduate Education Development Center.
  • A copy of passport (passport number should be shown)
  • A certified copy of the TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS or IELTS score (if applicable)
  • Application fee: 75,000 KRW (paid at the application website)