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International Business(IB)

The international economy of today offers unprecedented opportunities and challenges. To meet these challenges, corporations must develop a cadre of experts who possess a deep understanding of global issues as well as a command of core business skills.

The teaching goal of this department is to provide students with a theoretical and practical background in international business so that they understand the principles and structures of business activities in the emerging borderless market environment.

Our program mainly concentrates on the three disciplines of finance, marketing and organizational behavior in international environment. The principles of management are common across countries. Competitive management expertise, however, can be obtained only by understanding how those principles are applied to global business environments as well as multinational companies.

  Required Electives
  Spring Fall Spring Fall
M.A. Applied Economics
(GSPIT 711-01)
Applied Economics
(GSPIT 711-01)
Business Management
(GSPIB 701)
Corporate Strategy
(GSPIB 703)
Financial Accounting
(GSPIB 711)
Special Topics in
(GSPIB 704)
International Business
(GSPIB 702)
Corporate Finance
(GSPIB 721)
Security Analysis and
(GSPIB 723)
Capital Market and
(GSPIB 722)
International Finance
(GSPIB 724)
Advertising and Marketing
(GSPIB 732)
(GSPIB 731)
  International Marketing
(GSPIB 733)
Special Topics in Marketing
(GSPIB 734)
Organizational Behavior
(GSPIB 741)
Consumer Behavior
(GSPIB 735)
Ph.D.   Research Methods
for Social Sciences
(GSPIB 882)
  Human Resource
(GSPIB 742)
  Organization Development
(GSPIB 744)
      Managerial Statistics
(GSPIB 781)
  Industrial Organization
(GSPIB 843)
(only for Ph.D students)