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International Development Cooperation(IDC)

For many developing economies, development assistance plays a significant role. Who decides what resources are given or lent, to which countries and under what conditions? What types of aid are effective? What are the post-emergency priorities in countries suffering from the effects of human or natural disasters and how can international aid work best in such conditions?

The Department of International Development Cooperation
(IDC) was established in 2008 as the first of its kind in Korea to promote interdisciplinary post-graduate teaching and research on processes of social, political and economic development and change. The course is dedicated to deepening the understanding of development and underdevelopment, complex modes of development assistance in the global context, political and socioeconomic systems in developing world, and project management and consulting skills.

The teaching staff have considerable experience in living and working in the developing world as well as international organizations, and most have engaged in policy-relevant research and consultancy work with international development agencies or consulting firms. Students upon graduation have successfully found employment in a wide variety of government, academic and private sector organizations.

  Required Electives
  Spring Fall Spring Fall
M.A. Applied Economics
(GSPIT 711-01)
Applied Economics
(GSPIT 711-01)
Advanced Seminar in IDC (1)
(GSPDC 718)
Advanced Seminar in IDC (2)
(GSPDC 719)
Development and Social Policy
in Developing Countries
(GSPDC 744)
Strategies of Development
(GSPDC 734)
North Korean Society and
(GSPDC 745)
NGO and Civil Society
(GSPDC 735)
Understanding IDC
(GSPDC 711)
Project Cycle
(GSPDC 757)
Development and Society
in South East Asia
(GSPDC 746-1)
(GSPDC 736)
Development and
Governance in Africa
(GSPDC 747-1)
Development and Society in
South-Central Asia
(GSPDC 746-2)
Development Project
(GSPDC 751)
Development and Society in
Latin America
(GSPDC 747-2)
Economics of Development
(GSPDC 721)
"Applied Economics is a
prerequisite for this
  Project Monitoring and
(GSPDC 754)
Finance for Development
(GSPDC 752)
(Multilateral Development
Bank) Project Analysis
(GSPDC 755)
Strategies of Development
Assistance Projects
(GSPDC 756)
Business Consulting Skills
(GSPDC 758)
International Economics
(GSPIT 713)
Ph.D Theory of Economics
(GSPIT 811)
Theory of Economics
(GSPIT 811)
Theory and Practice of
(GSPIT 775)
Comparative Trade Policy
(GSPIT 725)
(GSPIT 783)
Understanding Korean
(GSPIT 761)
Political Economy of
Korean Development
(GSPIT 715, MKE)
Corporate Strategy
(GSPIB 703)
Economics of
Development Cooperation
(GSPDC 821)
Statistical Analysis
(GSPIB 883)
Economic Crisis Management
(GSPIT 735, MKE)
Corporate Finance
(GSPIB 721)
Sectoral Issues in Korean
Economic Development
(GSPIT 762, MKE)
Consumer Behavior
(GSPIB 735)
International Business
(GSPIB 702)
Human Resource Management
(GSPIB 742)
Aid and Development
(GSPDC 811)
Research Methods for
Social Science(Fall)
or Econometrics(spring)
Marketing Management
(GSPIB 731)
International Political Economy
(GSPIR 721)
International Organization
(GSPIR 731)
Global Agenda
(GSPIR 741)