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International Trade and Economic Cooperation(IT & EC)

As the trend of globalization progresses, trade-related problems have emerged as a core issue in the international arena. Bilateral and multilateral negotiations on trade-related issues take place all over the world. Under these circumstances, economic policies can be effective only when they consider the international dimension. In the globalizing world, competition is expected to be more severe as all the economies in the world integrate into a single economic system. On the other hand, the importance of international economic cooperation and policy coordination must also be stressed for harmonious development.

This program is designed to educate students in international trade, various international economic cooperation programs and institutions. The high standards of this program train specialists equipped with professional knowledge of the international scene as it relates to trade and economic cooperation.

  Required Courses Elective Courses
  Spring Fall Spring Fall
M.A. Applied Economics
(GSPIT 711-01)
Applied Economics
(GSPIT 711-01)
Globalization, Trade and
(GSPIT 755)
Special Topics in
international Economics
(GSPIT 719)
Current Issues in the Global
(GSPIT 769)
Theory and Policy of
International Trade
(GSPIT 723)
International Trade and
Commercial Law
(GSPIT 774)
(GSPIT 757)
International Economics
(GSPIT 713)
Applied Economics
(GSPIT 711-02)
*PhD and MKE
Theory and Practice
of Negotiation
(GSPIT 775)
Chinese Economy
(GSPIT 765)
(GSPIT 783)
Economics of Europe
(GSPIT 766)
Economics of Regional Integration
(GSPIT 751)
Comparative Trade Policy
(GSPIT 725)
Economic Crisis
(GSPIT 735, MKE)
Korean Economy
(GSPIT 761, MKE)
Sectoral Issues in Korean
Economic Development
(GSPIT 762, MKE)
Strategies of Development
Political Economy of Korean
(GSPIT 763, MKE)
NGO and Civil Society
(GSPDC 735)
Ph.D. Theory of Economics
(GSPIT 811)
Theory of Economics
(GSPIT 811)
Understanding IDC
(GSPDC 711)
(GPSDC 736)
Economics of Development
(GSPDC 721)
Project Cycle
(GSPDC 757)
Econometric Analysis
(GSPIT 883)
Advanced Seminar on Trade
And Development
Business Management
(GSPIB 701)
Corporate Finance
(GSPIB 721)
International Business
(GSPIB 702)
Capital Market and
(GSPIB 722)
Financial Accounting
(GSPIB 711)
Advertising and
Marketing Strategy
(GSPIB 732)
Advanced Micro
(GSPIT 821)
Advanced Macro
(GSPIT 831)
International Finance
(GSPIB 724)
Consumer Behavior
(GSPIB 735)
Marketing Management
(GSPIB 731)
Human Resource
(GSPIB 742)
  Managerial Statistics
(GSPIB 781)