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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Handbook
  Minimum Requirements per Category Average
Tot. Core
in major
in major
Thesis /
M.A. General 45 12 12 Not Required B-(2.7)
MIDAC 36 24 12
MKE 42 30 9 3
Ph.D. General 42 15 21 6 B-(2.7)
- Cumulative GPA at the time of graduation should not be below 2.7 (B-). Those who fail to receive GPA of 2.7 or above for two
  consecutive semesters are subject to removal from the M.A. program.
- Credits of Korean lanaguage are not included in minimum credits for graduation.

Number of Credit Hours Per Semester(Excluding Dissertation Hours)

- M.A. student should submit at least TOEIC score of 900 or the equivalent (TOEFL (PBT 607, CBT 253, IBT 101), IELTS 7.0)
  to the adminstration office.
- M.A. students should register at GSP at least 4 semesters unless they register for the early graduation program, the dual
  degree program, or the exchange program. Those who study abroad for the exchange program should register at least
  3 semesters at GSP.

Eligibility for Receiving Scholarship

- A comprehensive major examination should be passed.
- Evaluation of dissertation should be passed.
- At least one paper should be published in a journal listed on SSCI, SCOPUS, Korea citation index (KCI), or candidates of KCI.

Eligibility for Receiving Scholarship

- Students need to take at least 9 credits except for Korean Language, English Reading and Research, and pass or fail courses.
- Students are required to submit an English TOEIC score of over 850 or equivalent.

*The official English score must be submitted by December 31 in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship for the following Spring semester, and by June 30 for the following Fall semester.
*Those who have already submitted an English score for admission are not subsequently required to resubmit the score, and once an English score has been submitted, it does not need to be resubmitted in subsequent semesters.