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Graduate schools are where students are trained to become professionals and highly respected persons. All graduates are expected to accomplish a very high level of expertise in their own respective areas of study and to develop a very high standard of work ethic and responsibility. This is nothing but one of most basic requirements for all the graduate school. We at the Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies (GSP) are very serious about this essential condition. We are determined to make our students true professionals in their areas of specialty in the world of academics and practice. This is our mission at GSP.

As an international studies program at the graduate level, GSP has many cherished traditions and merits. It was built in 1997 with national government accreditation and financial support. Since then, it has continuously received top-ranked performance evaluations by external review bodies. GSP was the first higher educational institution chosen by the Korean government as the recipient of financial support for the training of international development cooperation specialists. We at the GSP are proud of the Master's degree program in Korean Economy and Development Cooperation (MKE) which was established in 2001 with the support of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for the purpose of training selected government officials from developing countries which receive Korean official development aid.

GSP has four departments, International Trade and Economic Cooperation, International Development Cooperation, International Business, and International Relations that constitute the core of our programs. All the classes are conducted in English. All the students are required to complete no less than a four-week long internship program before graduation. We have a very extensive support system for the placement of our students in prominent institutions and positions for their internships. Our students are composed of very diverse nationals with half of them coming from various countries around the world. Students can also benefit from our extensive exchange and double-degree programs with many reputable universities around the world for a semester or two to study abroad.

GSP will be a leader among the graduate international studies programs in the world in the very near future. All of us at GSP are united and determined to pursue this goal. We have already achieved a lot: excellent faculty members, excellent programs, and students who are diverse and outstanding. We are in the active process of recruiting more professors and reorganizing our programs and curricula. I sincerely hope that students with high ambitions of becoming truly professional elites will join us to change and upgrade themselves, the school, and the world.

Hahnkyu Park, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate School of
Pan-Pacific International Studies
Kyung Hee University