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History of GSP

Established in 1996

The Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies (GSP) was established in 1996 as one of the nine ROK government supported graduate schools of international studies. The ROK government at the time was implementing a nationwide internationalization drive. As part of the campaign, the ROK Ministry of Education selected through competition nine institutions of higher education to train professionals in international affairs.

One of the Best

Since its establishment, GSP has proved one of the best graduate schools of international studies in Korea. In October 1998, GSP was ranked at the top in the midway MOE (Ministry of Education) review. In October 1999, GSP was ranked second in the MOE performance review. Out of the nine government supported graduate schools of international studies, GSP was the only institution that has ranked continuously and consistently among the top three.

Job Acceptance Statistics(2000~2008)

GSP graduates from 2000 to 2008 now play important roles in the diverse fields of the global community. Among the 167 graduates surveyed, most have developed careers in the fields of financial services, Information Technology Industry, international trade and the high tech manufacturing industries. Fourteen percent of the graduates are now working in the finance and investment area, 14% in Information Technology Industry, and 11% in the distribution and manufacturing industries. A further 14% are working for public agencies such as KOTRA and the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation while 6% play an active role as lawyers or administrators. Others are involved in diplomacy, international organizations or the press.