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대중교통 이용안내 Public Transportation Guide
* Note: The bus schedule and fares are subject to change.
Public Buses

Many buses provide transportation to and from Kyung Hee University. Although public bus fares are subject to change, buses to Seoul cost 1800 Won and buses inside Suwon area cost 1000 Won as of 2012.

Here are some of the main public buses routes which are starting on the campus.

Bus Number Routes
5100 Goes to Gangnam Subway Station and Yangjae Subway Station in Seoul
M5107 Goes to Seoul Station and Myeongdong in Seoul
1112 Goes to Jamshil Subway Station and Gangbyeon Subway Station in Seoul
7000 Goes to Ajou University in Suwon and Sadang Subway Station in Seoul
3001 Goes to Ajou University in Suwon and Jamshil Subway Station in Seoul
900 Goes to Suwon Subway Station and Guro in Seoul
7 Goes to Suwon Subway Station
1007-1 Goes to Bundang and Jamshil in Seoul
5500-1 Goes to Gwanghwamun in Seoul

If you commute by bus to and from Seoul frequently, you may find it worthwhile to purchase a T-money Card.

Subway and Trains

To access the subway or the train, you must go to Suwon Station. However, the train and subway platforms are located in different areas of the station and must be entered separately. Currently, the Suwon subway line is part of the Dark Blue line (line #1) system which connects to downtown Seoul , Seoul Station and the Blue subway line. However, Suwon Station is quite far from Kyung Hee University , and it is recommend that you take the bus into Seoul and connect to the subway there.

Train service to and from Suwon is the best on excellent the best in Korea. All trains going to and from Seoul pass through Suwon Station. You can buy tickets for Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, Mokpo, and Yeosu every 20 to 60 minutes. Such destinations as Ulsan, Pohang, Gyeongu, and Masan offer trains two or three times daily. Tickets can be bought at the station or at the travel agency on campus. If you find you use the train on a regular basis, you can join the Korail Club for 20,000 won at any train station. Membership gives you access to the online reservation service at http://www. korail.com, where you can make a reservations up to 30 days in advance. However, you will need to read Korean in order to make a reservation.