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KHU-KOICA MKE Program Follow-up Conference in Sri Lanka
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Date 2015-11-19 Hit 721

GSP and KOICA organized the 5th KHU-KOICA Master’s Degree Program in Korean Experiences of Economic Development and Economic Cooperation(MKE) follow-up conference at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo from October 22 (Thu) to 24 (Sat). Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Korea, the state Minister of Sri Lanka (Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs), 37 KOICA scholarship program graduates who work for their governments, members of the KOICA Sri Lanka Office and 7 Kyung Hee University faculty and staff members participated in the conference. The conference aimed to evaluate the impact that the MKE program has had on the personal, organizational, and societal development of the graduates. It also offered new perspective on conditions that create impact in a society. The selected 5 MKE graduates (from Nepal, Nicaragua, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Philippines) shared their experiences of how the MKE program has helped their personal developments, achievements, and how it brought positive changes to their organizations and societies.

- VIP guests and MKE Alumni Association

- Sri Lanka traditional dance performance


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