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18th TCI(The Competitiveness Institute) Global Conference
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Date 2015-11-18 Hit 603

Professor Keun-soo, Kim, professor Jun Yeup, Kim, Ms. Na-Rae Choi from the Administration Office and 120 GSP & MKE students attended the 18th TCI Global Conference. On November 3rd~November 4th, 2015. TCI (The Competitiveness Institute) Global Conference was held in Daegu on November 3 ~ November 6 2015. The theme of the 18 TCI Global Conference 2015 was “Clusters in Creative Economy. New Agendas for Companies and Policy makers”.

On the first day under the theme of "Clusters in a Creative Economy”, GSP and MKE had cluster tour in Daegu, Pohang, and Changwon in three different groups. Daegu group visited fashion and textile industries and IT industries. Pohang group visited steel industry and Changwon group visited the machine industry. After the cluster tour all three groups gathered in Daegu and attended the conference session on the second day.

On the second day of the conference, one of our professor, Jun Yeup, Kim (Planning & Scientific Committee of the conference) gave speech about “Future Agenda of Cluster Policy in Korea: Toward global Collaborative Cluster Program in KICOX”.

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