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2015 GIP-GSP Joint Event
Name Admin
Date 2015-11-18 Hit 450

Last Wednesday on November 11th, there was a special joint event between GSP & GIP(The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies). This annual joint event is held by each campus once a year to share their knowledge and build up the relationship. This year event was held by GIP in Gwangneung Campus. Professor Jun Yeup Kim, Professor Morrison Sharon L, Ms. Eunhee Oh from Administration office and GSP & MKE students were invited. About 40 students (20 from GSP & MKE students, 20 from GIP) participated in this event. We did lots of activities, had dinner party and walked around the campus to feel the autumn together. This joint event was a great opportunity to relax, socialize and to improve cooperation among GSP &GIP students.


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