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GSP Members Participated in Conference on Plant Industries
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Date 2017-12-11 Hit
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MIT(Master of Industry and Trade Policy) and MKE(Master of Korean Economy and Development Cooperation) program students at GSP participated in an international conference, "Seminar on Promoting Overseas Plant Project Developing Strategy with MDB”, hosted by KOPIA (Korea Plant Industries Association) on December 1st. The conference worked as an opportunity for the MIT and MKE students to build networks with Korean plant and engineering companies which have interests in entering developing countries. In addition, a professor Jae Sung Kwak, the associate dean of GSP, delivered the keynote speech under the title of "Development Strategy of PPP Project with MDB in Emerging Countries" at this conference.


『GSP 학생과 교수 해외플랜트 국제회의 참가』

GSP MIT MKE 학생들은 12 1 한국플랜트산업협회가 서울 그랜드 인터콘티넨탈호텔에서 개최한 다자개발은행(MDB) 활용한 해외플랜트 프로젝트 개발 전략국제회의에 참여하였고, 아울러 개도국 진출을 원하는 국내 기업들과 활발한 네트워킹을 기회를 마련하였다. 또한 곽재성 부원장은 세미나에서의 기조연설을 통해 ‘MDB 활용한 신흥국 민관협력(PPP, Public Private Partnership) 사업 개발 전략 중요성을 강조하였다.




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