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[International Conference in Hanoi] Korea-Vietnam Cooperation in Higher Education
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Date 2016-10-19 Hit 1200

[InternationalConference in Hanoi] Korea-Vietnam Cooperation in Higher Education



September 20, 2016

An international conference with the topicof “Korea-Vietnam Cooperation in Higher Education” was held at Diamond WestlakeSuites in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the conference, Professors Keuk Je Sung, Jae SungKwak and Hahn Kyu Park along with faculties from our partner organization,Foreign Trade University (FTU), shared their studies on conceptualizing an alternativeframework for Korea’s higher education ODA and also bringing collaborationbetween Korean and Vietnamese universities. Moreover, testimonies of thegraduates regarding their MKE program experience made the conference even morefruitful.


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