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Courses Offered & Syllabi

2018 Spring
2018 Fall
Major Course Title Instructor Syllabi
IT&EC Political Economy of Korean Development GSPIT 715 YJ Lee
Theory and Practice of Negotiation GSPIT 775 KJ Sung
Applied Economics GSPIT 711 KJ Sung
Economics of Regional Integration GSPIT 751 SH Shin
Industrial Policy and Economic Development GSPIT 741 SH Shin
Econometrics GSPIT 783 TH Yoo
International Economics GSPIT 713 TH Yoo
Globalization, Trade and Development GSPIT 755 W Chae
Current Issues in the Global Economy : Global Energy Paradigm GSPIT 769 S Cho
MIT International Trade Negotiation : Theory and Practice GSPIT 770 KJ Sung
Theory and Practice of Global Trade Governance GSPIT 721 W Chae
Science and Technology Development Policy GSPIT 742 DH Kim
Workshop on Thesis and Action Plan Writing I GSPCM 741 S. Mossiron
IB Security Analysis and Investment GSPIB 723 KS Kim
Managerial Statistics GSPIB 781 KS Kim
Marketing Management GSPIB 731 JS Jeong
International Business GSPIB 702 JY Kim
Consumer Behavior GSPIB 735 SY Kim
Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences GSPIB 782 SI Bae
Special Topis in Business GSPIB 704 DH Lee
International Marketing GSPIB 733 CW Lee
IDC Understanding IDC GSPDC 711 JS Kwak
Economics of Development GSPDC 721 BY Park
Development Project Management GSPDC 751 JY Kim
Development and Social Policy
in DCs
GSPDC 743 MS Hong
IDC(MIDAC) International Marketing and Management GSPDC 785 JS Jeong
English Writing and Presentation Skills GSPDC 789 S. Morrison
Consulting Skills 2 GSPDC 782 MJ Hamm
Consulting Skills 1 GSPDC 781 JM Yoon
Strategies of Development Cooperation GSPDC 734 H Kwon
Aid and Development GSPDC 811 JS Jung
IDC(Ph.D.) Theory of Economics GSPIT 811 KJ Sung
Econometric Analysis GSPIT 883 TH Yoo
Economics of Development Cooperation GSPDC 821 BY Park
Social Survey Methodology GSPDC 884 SI Bae
IR Rising China in World Affairs GSPIR 723 YJ Lee
Common Course Practicum in Data Analysis GSPCM 783 JY An
English Writing and Research GSPCM 734 S. Morrison
Workshop on Thesis and Action Plan Writing I GSPCM 741 S. Morrison
Effective Presentation Skills for Graduate Students GSPCM 738 S. Morrison
Korean 1 GSPCM 711 JH Jin
Korean 2 GSPCM 712 JH Jin
Korean 3 GSPCM 713 JH Jin
Korean 4 GSPCM 713 JH Jin