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[۴Ŀ] ϰ ۷ι ͸ (ƮŸ) ä
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Date 2020-02-20 Hit
File ۷ι͸_ƮŸ__(۴Ŀ).docx


[Netmarble] Global GM for monitoring Funny Paws mobile game (Part-time)


Developed by Funnypaw and published by Netmarble, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross" is a mega-mobile game that has achieved commercial success, including the top spots in sales in the Korean and Japanese markets. Together with the global launch of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross" we are looking forward to recruiting Global GM for monitoring the game community.


        Opening: Part-timers for monitoring a global mobile game.


        Recruiting period: until March 2nd.

        Working period: until March 31st.

        Work type: work from home, 2-4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 14 hours a week. Weekly meetings on Mondays or Tuesdays at the main office: Digital-ro 300, Guro-gu], Seoul

        Payment: 10,000 KRW per hour (payment on March 31st).


        Duties: monitoring the reviews of the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross in each language, monitoring country specific game communities and analyzing trends.


        Requirements: Native in one of the languages of interest and capable of writing reports in English or Korean.

        Required languages: English, Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

        Hiring: several applicants per language.

        Recommended: experienced in mobile games, able to communicate in Korean or English.


        Submit your resume and cover letter in English or Korean to funnypaw_recruit@nm-funnypaw.com under the title 'Global Monitoring.'

        Please note that only those candidates who are considered for an interview will be contacted.










۴Ŀ찡 ϰ ݸ ۺϴ 'ϰ : ׷ ũν' ѱ, Ϻ 1 ϴ ŵ ʴ ϰ Դϴ. 'ϰ : ׷ ũν' ۷ι Ī Բ ۷ι ͸ ƮŸ̸Ӹ Ͽ Ź 帳ϴ.


         о: ϰ ϰ ۷ι ͸ ƮŸ̸

         : ~3 2ϱ

         ٹ Ⱓ: ~ 3 31ϱ

         ٹ : ٹ, 2~4ð 5, 14ð ٹ

( ̳ ȭϿ 1ȸ Ͽ : α з300)

         :  Ư RPG ͸, Ŀ´Ƽ ľ

         ڰ: Native̸ Ȥ ѱ ۼ .

         : ñ 10,000 (331 )

         : / ߱(ü)/ Į/ ε׽þƾ/ ±/ ξ/ Ҿ/ þƾ/ Ͼ/ Żƾ/

         ο:  ణ

         : ϰ ÷ , ѱ Ȥ ǻ Ͻ ,

         Ȥ ѱ ̷¼ ڱҰ ۷ι ͸̶ funnypaw_recruit@nm-funnypaw.com ֽø ˴ϴ

         հڿ 帮ڽϴ

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