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[주한미국상공회의소] AMCHAM Internship Program - 모집 안내 (~9/ 26)
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Date 2018-09-19 Hit

AMCHAM Korea provides paid internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates to have a practical work experience and to improve on their skills, knowledge and insights by getting involved in various business and policy environments.

All interns will be given a basic orientation session to learn about the organization, our mission, functions of each department and their roles as an intern. Each intern will work under the supervision of AMCHAM staffs and the team leader, and given instructions on their tasks.

[Benefits – Your learning & development opportunities]


Gain practical insight and experience about the international business environment and policy makings.

Improve your hands-on working skills and experiences (by supporting with business meetings, reports, emails, calls, organizing events, etc.)

Learn about team work, effective communication, and day-to-day business operation.

Find and strengthen your talents and skills by having an opportunity to contribute to the tasks, projects and events in the team.



모집 부서:

ü  Partners for the Future Foundation   (모집기한 ~9 26일까지)

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