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[2020 후기 학위 수여식 공지/ Commencement Ceremony for Summer 2020 (Aug 2021) Official Ceremony Cancelled (Photo Zone only)
Name Admin
Date 2021-08-13 Hit 218
File 2020-후기_학위수여식_홈페이지_학생_공고문_한글버전.pdf, Commencement_Ceremony_for_Summer_2020_(Aug_2021).pdf


2020 후기 학위 수여식 관련 안내 드립니다.

국제대학원 행정실 드림


Dear GSP students,

I would like to inform you about the Commencement Ceremony for Summer 2020 ( 2021 Aug).

Please check the attached file.

Thank you.


GSP admin office 

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