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GSP Spring Semester 2021 Course Information
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Date 2021-02-08 Hit 706

GSP Spring Semester 2021 Course Information

As the COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the country and situation related to it keeps changing, Kyung Hee University is going to conduct classes for the upcoming spring semester as follows.

1.      Target Courses : All courses for Spring Semester 2021

(Both for Undergraduate / Graduate Schools)

2.      Class Operating Criteria (Information available on each Syllabus)


Maximum Number of Students

Initially Assigned for each Course


Up to 20

Above 20



Face-to-Face Classes or Online Classes

Online Classes

Including Independent Learning

 and  Research


- Courses assigned with equal to or less than 20 students

Offline classes are allowed under the condition that all the COVID-19 prevention measures and regulations are properly followed.

- Courses assigned with more than 20 students

If face-to-face classes are required considering the nature of the course, offline classes are restrictively allowed upon approval of Dean (consultation to the COVID-19 Headquarters in KHU will be done if necessary).

    For details on how each class will be conducted, please check out the syllabus for each course

3.      Online Courses - Course Operation Method

1)                  Online Course Platform

-          KHU E-Campus (both for Real-time Classes(Zoom) and recorded classes)

           Real-time Online Classes – Zoom (based on E-Campus)

           Non-real-time Online Classes – lectures will be uploaded every week

    Inquiries regarding E-Campus – Please visit the KHU Learning Support Center


-          All other platform-based (Cisco Webex, Google Classroom, Youtube, etc.) courses will be prohibited.

2)                  Course Operation Method

-          Only real-time lectures or video recordings are allowed

-          Uploading lecture materials only, or replacing lectures with assignments will be strictly prohibited. 

4.      Face-to-Face Courses – Course Operation Method

1)      Same measures used in Fall Semester 2020 will be used.

2)      Measures such as social distancing, body temperature check, wearing face masks, washing and sanitizing hands, ventilation, disinfecting, etc. must be strictly followed.

5.      Others

1)      In case a student in a face-to-face class course cannot come to Korea on time and participate in classes due to COVID-19 related issues, measures (such as providing online lectures, etc.) will be taken in order to prevent the student from having disadvantages.

2)      Notice on the copyrights of the lecture materials

-          Lecture recordings and other materials related to the courses are works of lecturers or other individuals and are protected by the Copyright Act.

-          Distributing or sending downloaded(copied) lecture materials to others may be liable for civil and criminal charges pursuant to Article 136 of the Copyright Act

3)      Standards for mid-term and final examinations will be furtherly announced.


l     In order to establish a safe educational environment, GSP is following the Government guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as well as expanding its online class infrastructure to ensure the quality of education and class rights.

Course operating measures are subject to change under the change of COVID-19 related circumstances.


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