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[GSP] Application for return to school or leave of absence
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Date 2021-01-11 Hit 137

1) Application for return to school


■ Application Period: Jan. 12 (Tue.) - Jan. 22 (Fri.)


■ How to apply : https://info21.khu.ac.kr/com/LoginCtr/login.do?sso=ok​




2) Application for leave of absence


■ Application Period: Feb. 08 (Tue.) - Feb. 19 (Fri.)

■ How to apply : https://info21.khu.ac.kr/com/LoginCtr/login.do?sso=ok​


- The leave of absence cannot exceed two consecutive semesters (1 year). Students need to apply each semester even though one is taking one year of ‘leave of absence’.


- If a student do not return to school after two semesters, student is automatically expelled from school.


*After an international student submits the leave of absence form, he/she needs to leave Korea within 30 days according to Korean Immigration Law.


■ Students who apply after the application period may take a leave of absence, but the tuition will be refunded according to “Tuition Refund Policy”. Upon reinstatement in the following semester, students will be required to pay the tuition again.​ 


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