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[GSP] Scholarship Application Guideline - Spring Semester 2021
Name Admin
Date 2020-12-11 Hit 558
File Form_Scholarship_Application.doc

Please be informed of the GSP Scholarship Application for Spring Semester 2021 as follows. 

Students who wish to receive scholarship should submit their applications within the designated application period.


1. Scholarship Details

A. Scholarship will only be offered upon application.

○ Students who want to receive scholarship should submit an application at the end of each semester, and the scholarship committee will select the recipients based on the application, through a scholarship assessment.

B. Terms of Scholarship Offer

○ Recipients should perform tasks such as research support (6 hrs/week during the semester) regardless of the scholarship amount, and a work log must be submitted to the Head of the Department at the end of each month.

○ Please contact the Department Head for inquiries regarding the type and contents of the task.


2. Student Eligible for Scholarship: GSP students who meet the following requirements

A. Basic Requirements

○ Master`s Program: Earned 9 credits or more for the fall semester 2020 and average GPA of 3.5 or higher

○ Ph.D. Program: Earned 6 credits or more for the fall semester 2020 and average GPA of 3.5 or higher

※ Courses excluded from scholarship assessment: Korean, English Writing, English Presentation, Pass/Non-Pass-type courses

B. Exclusions

○ KOICA and MGLEP students, GKS students, exchange students and multiple-degree students

○ Students who fail to meet the below English score requirements

- TOEIC 850, TOEFL (PBT 587, CBT 240, IBT 94), IELTS 6.0, TEPS 695 New TEPS 382 or higher

○ Students who are expected to graduate (including early graduates) and students who have exceeded 4 semesters of their study

○ Students who failed to submit their work logs for the previous semester


3. Scholarship amount: 25% to 100% of the tuition fee, depending on student`s grades


4. How to Apply: Please complete the scholarship application (file attached) and submit via 

e- mail (gsp@khu.ac.kr) or by visiting the GSP administration office


5. Application Period: Dec. 09. 2020 (Wed.) - Dec. 28. 2020(Mon.)


6. Selection Announcement: Notified individually (scheduled for mid-Feb, 2021)


7. Please Note:

A. Multiple payments from internal and external funds are allowed if total amount falls within the tuition fee amount.

B. Scholarship recipients will receive tuition bills for spring semester 2021 showing the reduced amount with the tuition reduction.


8. Inquiries

A. Scholarship Application Procedure: GSP Administration Office (Rm.302, GSP Building / 031-201-2146 / gsp@khu.ac.kr)

B. Task-Related Inquiries: Please contact the Head of Department by e-mail



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