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Notice for the Graduation Examination (only for Ph.D. students)
Name Admin
Date 2020-11-11 Hit 613
File Application_for_Graduation_Examination.doc

   Notice for the Graduation Examination (only for Ph.D. students) 

 1. Eligibility : Students who are expected to complete Ph.D. degree (36 credits or more)

 2. Application Process

     - Period : 2020. November. 13 (Fri.) ~ 19 (Thu.)
     - Required Documents: 1. Application form (attached)

                                      2. Official Transcript of Academic Records

     * Please send your documents to the GSP admin office via email.


  3. Graduation Examination: 2020. 12. 19 Saturday

      * The above schedule is subject to change due to unexpected circumstances including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


For further inquiries, please contact GSP administration office(gsp@khu.ac.kr)   

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