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[GSP_2/8] "An important message" regarding the Novel coronavirus outbreak
Name Admin
Date 2020-02-08 Hit 3960

Attention GSP students

This is an important message from GSP admin office regarding the recent Novel coronavirus outbreak.
Kyung Hee University has decided the following measures. Please be noted of the following.

*For all the students
1. KHU has decided to delay beginning of 2020-1 semester again.
    beginning of 2020-1 semester : 16th of March
2. Please wear a mask when you arrive in Korea and at the airport
3. If you have any symptom, you can contact "1339(Call center for Coronavirus)" or GSP admin office(031-201-2146) 

*For the students who are from "China"
4. All the students who are from China(China , Hong Kong , Macau) and also the students who had a layover in China will be
    isolated in woojungwon(dormitory in global campus, Kyung Hee University) for 2weeks right after Chinese students arrived in Korea. 
5. The Chinese students need to arrive in Korea between 24th of Feb ~ 26th of Feb.

6. The three Chinese students who didn`t go back to China for winter vacation do not need to be isolated.

GSP admin office will send you further notices if there are any updates regarding this issue.



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