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GSP scholarship reorganization and application for a scholarship
Name Admin
Date 2019-06-17 Hit 1359
File application_form_for_scholarship.doc

GSP scholarship system reorganization and application for scholarship


If students would like to get a scholarship from GSP, the students have to submit the scholarship application form to the GSP admin office.


1. Main Reorganization Contents

(1). Scholarship is paid only to those applying for scholarships

- If students would like to get a scholarship, the students must submit an application at the end of each semester, The beneficiary is selected by the scholarship committee.

(2). The conditions for a Scholarship

- The students who got the scholarship have to work for 6 hours per week during the semester as a RA(Research Assistant) regardless of scholarship amount.

Submit a work diary at the end of each month.

The application starts with the scholarship payment for the second semester of 2019.

2. Applicants : GSP students

(1). Basic requirements

- Master's program : earned 9 credits or higher in the 2019-1 semester and scored 3.5 or higher on average[GPA].

- Ph.D. Program : earned 6 credits or higher in the 2019-1 semester and scored 3.5 or higher on average[GPA].


- KOICA & MGLEP students, GKS students, exchange & dual degree students

- The students who has not submitted TOEIC 850 points or higher or equivalent.

(TOEFL(PBT 587, CBT 240, IBT 94), IELTS 6.0 or TEPS 69)

- expected graduate(including early graduation), The students who take more than four semesters

An exclusionary subject for Scholarship : Korean, English composition, English PT, Pass/Non-pass subject


3. Scholarship amount : 25% to 100% of tuition(according to the grade)

We'll inform it individually after mid-July.


4. How to apply : Fill out the scholarship application form and visit the administrative office or by E-mail(gsp@khu.ac.kr)

5. Application Period : 2019.06.17.(Mon) ~ 2019.07.02.(Tue) 17:00

The beneficiary who get Assistant scholarship type can not have double treatment.


6. Inquiry : GSP office (room 302 / 031-201-2146 / gsp@khu.ac.kr)


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