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[GSP]Submitting Application for Final Thesis Defense
Name Admin
Date 2018-11-05 Hit 1042
File Application_for_Thesis_for_Degree.doc, Outline_of_Thesis_Writing_for_Master's_Thesis.doc, Outline_of_Thesis_Writing_for_Doctor’s_Thesis.doc

- Submission Period : November 19 (Mon) - 23 (Fri) 17:00

- Documents for Submission : 1.Application for Thesis for Degree

                                                2.Outline of Thesis Writing for Doctor's Thesis*

                                                   Outline of Thesis Writing for Master's Thesis*

*Only for those who did not sumit their outline before at gsp office

For further inquiries, please contact GSP administration office(gsp@khu.ac.kr)

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