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Korea's New Southern Policy : Visions, Strategies and Ways Forward
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Date 2018-06-25 Hit 51
File 국립외교원_한국의_신남방정책_초청장(최종)_낱장_0621.pdf, 국립외교원_한국의_신남방정책_초청장(최종)_표지_dpi100_0621.jpg

< Invitation >

Thank you for your kind interest in, and support for, the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS) of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA).
On July 3 2018, Center for ASEAN-Indian Studies of the IFANS will organize an International Conference under the theme of “Korea’s New Southern Policy: Visions, Strategies and Ways Forward” with distinguished scholars in the academia and major think tank representatives from both home and abroad.
The Korean government has been pursuing New Southern Policy, a new policy initiative, to promote cooperation and co-prosperity with Southeast Asian countries and India, an important axis of global prosperity.
With this new policy initiative, the Korean government seeks to elevate its relations with ASEAN and India to new highs on all fronts.
We ask for your support for this special conference which will provide a good opportunity for an in-depth discussion of Korea’s New Southern Policy, with its visions and strategies, that would deepen Korea’s relations with ASEAN and India in the coming future.
We cordially invite you to honor us with your presence.
Thank you. 

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