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The 17th Annual International Korean UCC Festival 2018
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Date 2018-06-11 Hit 1688
File 제17회_세계_한국어_영상_한마당_안내문(영문).docx, 포스터(영문).jpg

The Korea University Korean Language Center is hosting the 17th Annual International Korean UCC Festival. Starting this year, this event will be held on the eve of Hangul Proclamation Day, in the hopes that it will grow into an international event celebrating the holiday hosted by a Korean language education institution. We anticipate that all participants will not only learn and share their perspectives and understanding of Korean Culture, but also exchange information about their own cultures. We also expect this event to build a bridge between Korea and other countries. We hope that all those interested in Korean language and culture will participate and enjoy this exciting event.

Event Information


  Date & Time: 15:00 PM - 17:30 PM on October 8, 2018

  Venue: Inchon Memorial Hall, Korea University

  Host: Korea University Korean Language Center

  Sponsors: The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; The National Institute of Korean Language; and the King Sejong Institute Foundation.                

Contents: Submission of videos created by foreigners and overseas Koreans,

   Presentation of awards


For further information, please refer attached files. 

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