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[GSP]Application for leave of absence or reinstatement for foreigner students
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Date 2018-01-29 Hit 619

1) Application for leave of absence

Application Period:  By February 28

- The leave of absence cannot exceed two consecutive semesters (1 year). Students need to apply each semester even though one is taking one year of leave of absence.

- If a student do not return to school after two semesters, student is automatically expelled from school.

*After an international student submits the leave of absence form, he/she needs to leave Korea within 30 days according to Korean Immigration Law.

Students who apply after the application period may take a leave of absence, but the tuition will be refunded according to Tuition Refund Policy. Upon reinstatement in the following semester, students will be required to pay the tuition again. 

2) Application for reinstatement

Application Period: By February 9

procedures : After downloading and filling out the Leave of Absence or Reinstatement form form, please make sure to sign and send it to jh0708@khu.ac.kr during the application period.

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