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Tuition Plan for Spring semester 2018 for current students
Name Admin
Date 2018-01-24 Hit 616

Tuition Plan for Spring semester 2018 for current students


payment tuition period : Feb 5(Mon) ~ Feb 23(Fri)
* students can see the tuition sheet through https://khuis.khu.ac.kr/ during above period  


If you fail to pay payment eventually, you will be expelled from school without refund of paid tuition.

If you take the 'Leave of absence' or ' Voluntary withdraw' you will get refund according to GSP refund policy.
* please let me know if you want "leave of absence" and "return to school" , "voluntary withdraw" to jh0708@khu.ac.kr or gsp@khu.ac.kr  as soon as possible.

GSP administration Office

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