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Application for Magnolia Scholarship(International Students)
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Date 2017-10-23 Hit 292
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2017 Magnolia Scholarship

International students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties that are beyond their control are able toapply for the Magnolia scholarship.

Scholarships in this category areawarded to applicants that demonstrate an economic hardship outside of theirimmediate control.

The fund for the Magnoliascholarship is very limited so that only a few of GSP students may be able toreceive the scholarship.

1. Eligible conditions

GSP student in their 2nd3rd semester (MKE Program/Exchange Program students and Newlyentered students are not eligible)

• Previous semester Minimum GPA 2.7

• Student who did not receiveMagnolia scholarship twice.

2. Application Requirements include:

Application Form

• Transcript showing previoussemester minimum GPA of 2.7

• Essay: Describe your currenteconomic hardship and how this scholarship will help you achieve youreducational goals. Submit supporting documentation regarding your financialsituation with the scholarship application.

3. How to apply / Selection process of awardee

Submit required documents to GSPoffice (Collected documents will be sent to Department chair for interview)

Interview with Department Chair (Interviewschedule will be notified to student individually)

Faculty committee review the applicationsand make final decision

Notification to awardees will besent individually


4. Application period: Oct. 23. (Mon)~ Oct. 27. (Fri)

GSP Administration Office

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