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[GSP]2017 Winter Osaka University Workshop Program
Name Admin
Date 2017-09-27 Hit
File []Application_Form(2017_Osaka_University_Workshop_Program).doc, 2015_OSIPP_Winter_Program_Schedule.pdf

2017 Winter Osaka University Workshop Program


1. Program Overview

Program duration



.Jan.21(Sun) ~.Jan.27(Sat), 2018

Osaka University, Japan

3 of GSP students


2. Participation Fee and Financial Support (for person)

- Participation fee: 500,000 KRW

- Financial support by GSP: 820,000 KRW

- Total Expenses: 1,320,000 KRW

(Covering Program fee, Accommodation, Airplane ticket, Transportation fees at Osaka Airport, etc.)

Other personal expenses are not covered; individual payment.


3. Qualifications

- GSP students who are enrolled in school less than 4 semesters. (in 2017 Fall semester)

(Students who are in their 4th semester, or now taking a temporary leave from school, or MKEs are NOT accepted.)

- GSP students who received over the grade of average 3.0 during the last semester.

- GSP students who are not disqualified from overseas travel.

- GSP students who can have Visa for Japan entrance.


4. How to Apply

- Application Period: September 28(Thu) ~ October 11(Wed), 2017

- Documents to submit:

1) Application Form (attached file)

2) An official transcript

3) English Language Test score (For those who have the score)

4) A Copy of passport (Visa page is needed if applicant needs visa to enter Japan.)

- Submit the above documents to GSP Office by the deadline.


Detailed program schedule will be uploaded later.
(Please refer to the attached file of 2015 OSSIP Winter Program Schedule.)

Please contact GSP Office for more information.
031-201-2146      E-mail: gsp@khu.ac.kr



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