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2017 Spring Course Schedule and Curriculum (updated 2017.02.18)
Date 2017-02-17 Hit 1428
File [1]2017 Spring Course Schedule.pdf, [2]How to do Online Course Registration(English).pdf, [1]2017-1 Curriculum.pdf

Course Registration for Spring Semester, 2017



Course Registration Period:

Feb 20 (Mon) 11:00

Feb 24 (Fri) 17:00

Course Add and Drop Period:

March 2 (Thu)

March 8 (Wed)

Course Cancellation Period:

March 9 (Thu)

March 10 (Fri)

◈Course syllabus will be uploaded on 17 Feb, 2017.

Please go to http://sugang.khu.ac.kr/ for online course registration.
Please choose "Graduate Registration" from the category when you log in.

※When you register for your courses please check the department of the course you are registering.

-Please choose your 'Major' from the view department category tab in order to view and register for your 'required course' and 'major elective course' list.

-Please choose 'The Graduate School of Pan Pacific International Studies' for the 'other course' list. (Not requirement course or elective for your major)

*Please make sure that you need to register for your courses from the list under the 'The Graduate School of Pan Pacific International Studies' tab and the list under your 'Major'( IB / IT&EC / IDC / MIDAC / MKE ).

* As for the freshmen, the courses recommended to take for the first semester will be informed through e-mail.
* Please note that MIDAC and Ph.D courses are exclusively for MIDAC and Ph.D students.

※수강신청시 학과명에서 국제대학원 또는 학생전공을 선택 후 수강 신청할 과목을 조회하시기 바랍니다.
'국제대학원' 선택시 일반과목에 해당되는 과목리스트가 조회되며, 본인의 해당전공을 선택시에는 전공필수 또는 전공선택에 해당되는 과목리스트가 나옵니다.

*수강신청시 꼭 국제대학원 또는 본인의 해당전공의 선택 탭에서만 조회 후에 신청하시기 바랍니다.

Administration Office

Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies

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