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[GSP]2017-1 Application for leave of absence
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Date 2017-02-14 Hit 324
File [1][1]11_Leave of Absence Form.doc



1) Application for leave of absence

Application Period: For springsemester - FEB 20st~Feb24st


- The leave of absence cannot exceed two consecutive semesters (1 year). Students need to apply each semester even though one is taking one year of leave of absence.


- If a student do not return to school after two semesters, student is automatically expelled from school.


*After an international student submits the leave of absence form, he/she needs to leave Korea within 30 days according to Korean Immigration Law.



Students who apply after the application period may take a leave of absence, but the tuition will be refunded according to

Tuition Refund Policy. Upon reinstatement in the following semester, students will be required to pay the tuition again.

Until 03.21. if students who apply leave of absence but not pay tuition will be unregistration of GSP.
if students who apply leave of absence and pay tuition will be registration of GSP.


a. Fill out the Leave of absence form file attached to this notice or from the Forms category.



b. Submit to the GSP office by email or by visiting during the office hour or https://khuis.khu.ac.kr/eng , https://khuis.khu.ac.kr/



* If you have any questions please contact the GSP office. 031-201-2146~9




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