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Tuition Refund Policy
Date 2017-02-10 Hit 387

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuitionpaid in excess or in error shall be fully refunded. In the event of any of thefollowing reasons for refund, the tuition previously paid shall be reimbursedaccording to the tuition refund guidelines:

The student is unable to enter(including re-admission or transfer) or continue studying at

GSP in accordance with thedecree requirements;

- An accepted student has expressed intention not to enroll at GSP;

- A student enrolled at GSP has expressed intention to withdraw;

- A student on leave of absence was expelled for havingfailed to return; or A student is unable to enter or continue studying at GSPdue to the student’s illness or death, natural disasters or other unfortunatecircumstances beyond the student’s control.

If the conditions for tuition are met, the amount of tuition reimbursed is determined by the time period during which the refund is requested. The tuition refund schedule is set forth in the table below:

<TuitionRefund Policy>


Refund Amount

Tuition Refund Policy for Scholarship Students

Up to 30 days

after the semester begins

Five-sixths (5/6) of the tuition

(excluding admission fee)

Total Refund Amount =

(Tuition× Refund Amount*) – Scholarship Amount

From 30 – 60 days

after the semester begins

Two-thirds (2/3) of the tuition

(excluding admission fee)

From 60 – 90 days

after the semester begins

Half (1/2) of the tuition

(excluding admission fee)

From 90 days

after the semester begins

No refund

*For the refund amount, refer to the refund period.

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