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2017 Suwon Sports Festival with International student
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Date 2017-11-15 Hit 694
File Recruiting_International_Students_for_Suwon_Sports_Festival_with_International_Students(1)(1).p

1. Introduction 「Suwon Sports Festival with International Students」is a program that
international students from four representative universities in Suwon city will
join for exciting sports games and memorable experience to be bounded with
students all over the world!
○ Time : Nov 5, Sun. 12:50 ~ 19:30.
○ Place : Ajou Indoor Gymnasium ※ A shuttle bus will be provided for the gymnasium ○ Volume of Participants : International Students (240)
○ Sport Entries : Tug-of-war, bubble soccer, rope skipping, mission relay,
three-legged race, waving, flying rubber shoes, paired
dodge ball, etc.
※ Entries can be changed without notice ○ Cost : Free of charge
○ Application Period : Sep 28, Thur. ~ Oct 15, Sun.
※ Participation is available on a first come first served basis
※ To gather participants with various nationalities, there might be an restriction if applicants
crowded to the same nationality.
※ If you don’t show up on the day after signing up, you would be restricted to join the other events ○ Apply method : Please follow the link in the homepage to sign up
○ Requirements : Only sneakers or running shoes are available at the gym.


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