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Lecture notice "Korea`s future Economics, security and society"
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Date 2017-11-15 Hit 694
File Prof._Emanuel_Pastreich_-_Special_Seminar_with_students_20171114(1).pdf
Thursday, November 30, 2017

6:00-7:30 PM

B101 (Basement lecture Hall)

"Korea's future

 Economics, security and society"

Emanuel Pastreich

Associate Professor

College of International Studies, KHU

The paradigms for economic growth and for security that have worked for the last 50 years in the Republic of Korea have hit a dead end today. The nation faces unprecedented challenges in terms of security, economics, society and culture itself that will demand, in the not too-far-diostant future a complete rethinking of the very definition of economics and of security. Emanuel Pasterich engages students in this lecture in a serious discussion as to what the current and future challenges are for Korea and what must be done now to respond to them.

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