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Welcoming Dinner for all GSPians
Name Kira Potowski
Date 2013-02-25 Hit 565

Dear all GSPians,

this is KiraPotowski, the president of Student Council for the Spring Semester 2013.
We,the Student Council, wish you all the best for this semester.
We also want to announce the Welcoming Dinner for all GSPians which will be held on 6th March at 6pm. All professors and GSP students will join together to celebrate the beginning of the upcoming semester. So do not miss it!
There will be a buffet provided. It costs 30.000 Won (price includes all-you-can-eat,alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages).
The restaurant is called BEARSI and it is very close to Kyung Hee University as you can see here on the map. The restaurant is located on the highest floor of the building.
How to get there? If you do not want to go youself, we will meet at 5:30 p.m. at the Main Gate of Kyung Hee University and will go together. If you are late or have questions, pelase contact me: 010-2143-3705. Please bring the 30.000 Won to the meeting point.

All the best,

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