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2016-05 「The SUN NEVER SETS」, Halyong Jong
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Date 2016-10-17 Hit 768
「The SUN NEVER SETS : Majoritarian ELECTIONS, Income Distribution and the Legacy of the British EmpirE」

Halyong Jong (2016), (A RESEARCH NOTE)

* Abstract

Important political and economic outcomes have been attributed to the effects of the differences between majoritarian and proportional representation electoral rules. The purpose of this note is to suggest that the connection may be less clear that is often suggested, by focusing on one possible effect of electoral rules: income distribution. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that majoritarian rules produce more inequality, this note suggests that former membership in the British Empire causes both the electoral rules and inequality. The connection between electoral rules and income distribution is spurious. The note goes on to speculate on why British Empire countries would have majoritarian rules and more inequality.
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