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2016-04 「Criminals behind Riot Shields」, Sunil Kim & Jonson N. Porteux
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Date 2016-10-15 Hit 766
「Criminals behind Riot Shields : Development Strategies in a Democratized Korea」

Sunil Kim (Kyung Hee University) & Jonson N. Porteux (Hosei University) (2016), Published in Journal of East Asian Studies 16 (3), 1-20 (FirstView), under the revised title of “Public Ordering of Private Coercion”

* Abstract

This study explores the evolution of cooperation between state and non-state specialists in the market for extralegal force with the cases of forced evictions in South Korea, where legally sanctioned private security companies have operated with the explicit sanctioning of the state and implicit approval of the illicit violence carried out by such groups in the process of such state-led, but privately carried out projects. Such phenomena have traditionally been explained as: a state’s weak material capacity to enforce compliance; a general trend in the neoliberal marketization of state power, or; an outcome of the state being captured by the capitalist material interests. We instead argue that the development of coercive enforcement of government policies by non-state actors is an observable implication of a shift in the state-society relations in the wake of democratization.
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