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Adjunct & Visition Professor

HONG, Moon Suk

Contact Information

Email: moonshiely@snu.ac.kr, moonshiely@gmail.com
Mobile: +82 10 5717 4137

Areas of Expertise

International Development Policy and Program, Social Development Theories and Evaluation, International and Comparative Education, Mixed and Qualitative Methods with regional focuses on SE Asia and Anglophone Africa


PhD, Global Education Cooperation, Graduate School, Seoul National University (SNU)
MA, Anthropology and Development, Australian National University (ANU)
BA, Social Science (Social Anthropology and Politics), Monash University, Australia

Professional Experience

(Current) Lecturer, Global Education Program, Seoul National University
(Current) Lecturer, KOICA's Centre for ODA Education (ODA Policy and Program Design, Education and Development)
(Current) Lecturer, KOICA's World Friends Korea (Education and Development, PCM, Field Research Methodology)
Director, Department of Research and Evaluation, Re-shaping Development Institute(ReDI)
Visiting Professor, Department of Anthropology, Yangon University
Research Associate and Program Coordinator, the Centre for International Education and Development, Korea Educational Development Institute (KEDI)
Worked as an ID consultant in various UN, International Foundations, NGOs and CBO SE Asia and Africa

Selected Publications

Policy and Strategy Research
Contextualizing School Dropout Experiences in Transitional Myanmar, Seoul National University
Studies on UNESCO Education for Development Strategy and Indicator, Korea National Commision for UNESCO
Education Watch Report 2015: Republic of Korea, Global Campaign for Education (GCE), South Africa and UK
ODA and Children: Eight Country Comparative Analysis on Aid Agencies Strategies for Children, SCK
A Comparative Analysis on Aid Agencies Policy and Program Mechanism, KOICA
Research on Koreas Technical Cooperaton: Issues and Challenges, KOICA
Research on Koreas Provincial ODA Reform Strategies and Mechanism, PMO
KOICA-CSOs Co-Report on Education Assistance for the Marginalized Peoples and more

RBM Research and Evaluation

Thematic Evaluation for Human Rights based Evaluation for the Marginalized, KOICA
KICE Reform Strategies and Thematic Evaluation, KICE
Korea- UNESCO AP Cooperation Strategies and Evaluation, UNESCO AP
Expert Panel on Rights to Education Index, US
Comprehensive evaluation on KOICA Global Fellowship Program, KOICA
Ex-post evaluation on the project for integrated community development in Comilla Bangladesh, KOICA
Ex-post Evaluation on KOICA-UNOP School Rehabilitation Project in Eastern Sri Lanka
World Friends Korea Volunteerism : Result Based Management Strategy and Indicator Studies, KOICA
Koreas Training for Development : Result Based Management Strategy and Indicator Studies, KOICA
Civil Society Organizations Peer Review: Cambodia, Mongolia and Tanzania.
UNESCO Bridge Program Evaluation, Korea National Commision for UNESCO
Ex-Post Evaluation Report for KOICA Community Development Project for the Resettled Population in Guatemala, KOICA and more