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Kim, DoHoon

Contact Information

• Office: Room 318, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-3804
• E-mail: dhkim2016@khu.ac.kr

Areas of Expertise


• Ph.D., Economics, June 1990, University of Parisą░ (Pantheon-Sorbonne), France
• D.E.A., International Economics, October 1987, University of Parisą░
• B.A., International Economics, February 1979, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Professional Experience

• 2014. Jan - Current : Member of Advisory Council for Budget Policy
• 2013. May - 2016. May : Member of National Commision for Corporate Partnership
• 2013. Feb - 2015. Feb : President of EUSA KOREA
• 2012. April - 2014. April : President of Korea Sociert for Regulatory Studies
• 2004. Jan - 2011.Aug : Member of FTA Civic Advisory Committee Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• 2008. Feb - 2011.Aug : Fair Trade Committee, Member of Market Structure Analysis Committee(Chairman)

Selected Publications

• Six Decades of Korea's Industrial Development(PM), The committee on the Sixty-year History of the Korean Economy, December 2010
• KORUS and KOREA-EU FTA and Response of Korea's Manufacturing Industries(PM), KIET, DEC. 2010
• An Impact Analysis of the Korea-EU FTA on Korea's Manufacturing Industries based upon the Fianl Concessions(PM), KIET, April 2009
• An Impact Analysis of the WTO NAMA Negotiations and its Implications(PM), KIET, DEC. 2008
• An Analysis on the Potential Impact of the Korea-Japan FTA and the Korea-China FTA on Manufacturing Industries(PM), KIET, DEC. 2008
• The Final Report of the Consultation to the Algerian Government on Industrial Development(PM), KIET, July 2008
• An Impact Analysis of the Korea-India CEPA on Manufacturing Industries(PM), KIET, February, 2008
• The Effects of the Manufacturing Sector's Trade in the KORUS FTA(PM), KIET, Issue Paper, DEC. 2007
• An Impact Analysis of the Korea-EU FTA on Manufacturing Industries based upon Various Scenarios(PM), KIET, November. 2007
• How to Upgrade Korea's Industrial Structure Taking Advantage of the KORUS FTA(PM), KIET, May. 2007
• How to Upgrade Korea's Industrial Structure Taking Advantage of the Korea-US FTA(PM), KIET, Oct. 2006
• Market Opening and Industrial Restructuring, KIET Report, DEC. 2005
• Report on Business Regulation and Complaints(PM), KIET, June. 2003
• A Strategy for the Reform of Regulations in the Era of Knowledge-based Economic Growth(PM), KIET, DEC. 2002
• Industrial Roadmap for World Big 4, MOCIE & KIET, Aug 2002
• Future Vision for Korean Industries towards 2010(PM), KIET, Dec. 2001