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Cho, Seok

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Areas of Expertise


Ph.D. in Economics, Kyung Hee University, Korea
M.A. in Economics, Missouri State University, USA
B.A. in International Relations, Seoul National University, Korea

Professional Experience

President, World Association of Nuclear Operators(WANO)
President & CEO, KHNP
Vice Minister for Trade and Energy, Ministry of Knowledge Economy(MKE)
CEO of Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
Deputy Minister for Industry, MKE
Director General for Industry and Knowledge Economy, MKE
Director General for Energy and Resources Policy, Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy (MOCIE)
Director General for Electronics, Textile and Chemical Industries, MOCIE
Director General, Nuclear Power Industry Bureau (Nuclear Waste Task
Force), MOCIE
Director, General Services Division, MOCIE
Assistant Secretary to the President for Foreign Affairs and National
Security, and Economic Affairs, Office of the President
Passed the 25th Examination for Higher Civil Service

Selected Publications