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Oh, Hyungna

Contact Information

Contact Information
• Office: Room 309, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-2160
• E-mail: h.oh@khu.ac.kr
• Curriculum Vitae: http://kic.khu.ac.kr/home/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/cv_2015E.pdf

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests

• Environmental Economics (Climate Change, Governance, ETS, Green Taxes), Applied Microeconomics (Applied Game), Quantitative Methods (Micro-econometrics, Agent-based Economics)

Courses Taught

• Kyung Hee University: Introduction to Economics 1, Econometrics, Topics in Microeconomics (Game theory), Mathematics for Social Scientists
• West Virginia University: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Econometrics II


• Ph.D. in Regional Economics, Cornell University, 2003
Doctoral thesis: Simulation Methods for Modeling Offer Behavior and Spot Prices in
Restructured Markets for Electricity
• M.A. in Economics, Korea University, 1991
• B.A. in Economics, Korea University, 1988

Professional Experience

• 2013 – present: Associate Professor, College of International Studies, Kyung Hee University, Korea
• 2013 & 2015– present: Adjunct Fellow, Korea Development Institute, Korea
• 2010 – 2013 – Fellow, Korea Development Institute, Korea
• 2012 – 2013, Editor Board, Kyung-Jae-Hak Yeon-Gu
• 2012-present, Editor Board & Board of Directors, Resource and Environmental Economics Studies
• 2004 – 2010 – Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, West Virginia University, WV, USA
• 2007 – 2011 – Assistant Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Applied
Economics and Management, Cornell University, NY, USA

Selected Publications

• ¡°Korea¡¯s Approach to Overcoming Difficulties in Adopting the Emission Trading Scheme¡± (with Hyon, J. and Kim, J.), forthcoming, Climate Policy

• ¡°Modeling Allowance Prices in the EU ETS (in Korean)¡± (with Hong, Islee and Hong, Jong Ho), forthcoming, Kyungna Jae Hak Yeon Gu, September, 2016

• ¡°Does Media Coverage of a Celebrity Suicide Trigger Copycat Suicides?: Evidence from Korean Cases (with Choi, Yoon-Jung), Journal of Media Economics 29(2), 2016, pp.92-105

• ¡°Measuring the Weather Risk in Manufacturing and Service Sectors in Korea (in Korean)¡±, Environmental and Resource Economics Review 24(3), 2015, pp. 551-572.

• ¡°The Effects of the Allocation and Accounting Methods of GHG Allowances on Firms¡¯ Financial Positions as well as Social Welfare(in Korean)¡± (with Hong, Inkee), Environmental and Resource Economics Review 24(3), 2015, pp. 499-522.

• ¡°Citizens¡¯ Distrust in Government and Project Implementation in the Public Sector¡± (with Hong, Jong Ho), Korean Economic Review 30(1), 2014, pp. 25-40.

• ¡°Citizens¡¯ Trust in Government and Their Willingness-To-Pay.¡± (with Hong, Jong Ho), Economics Letters 115 (3), 2012, pp.345-347.

• ¡°Testing for Aggregation Bias in Stochastic Frontier Models Employing Regional Data¡±, Applied Economics Letters 19, 2012, pp.813-821.

• ¡°Detecting Protest Responses¡±, KDI Journal of Economic Policy 34, 2012.

• ¡°The Influence of Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors on Rural Health Obesity¡± (with Amarasinghe, A., D¡¯Souza, G., and Brown, C.), International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2009.

• ¡°Economic Value of Improving Indoor Air Quality of Subway Stations in Seoul Metropolitan Area¡±(with Hong, Jong Ho), Journal of Korean Economic Studies 17, 2006.

• ¡°On the First Price Spike in Summer¡± (with Mount, T.D.), IEEE Computer Society, 2004.

• ¡°Using Software Agents to Supplement Tests Conducted by Human Subjects¡± (with Mount, T.D.), Computational Methods in Economic Dynamics (Herbert Dawid and Willi Semmler eds.), 2011, Springer Publishers: New York, N.Y.

• A Study on a Green Tax System (with H.W. Yoo and J.H. Nam/written in Korean), Korea Development Institute, 2013.

• A Study on Energy Demand of the Korean Manufacturing Sector (written in Korean), Korea Development Institute, 2012.

• ¡°Environmental Taxing Game¡±, Ecological Industrial Policies, Korea Development Institute, 2012.

• A Study on the Treatment of Protest Zero Bids in Dichotomous Contingent Valuation Models (with Kim, K.S./ written in Korean), KDI Policy Studies 2011-9, Korea Development Institute, 2012.

• The Durban Platform, A Limited Possibility of Global Action on Climate Change (written in Korean), KDI FOCUS, 2012.

Working Papers under Review

• ¡°Intra-generational Income Mobility in Korea¡± (with Choi, Yoon-Jung), revision requested

• ¡°Testing the Effects of Holding Forward Contracts on the Behavior of Suppliers in an Electricity Auction¡± (with Mount, Timothy D.), revision requested.

• ¡°Do Global Climate Actions Cut Global Emissions? ¡°, revision requested http://kic.khu.ac.kr/home/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/GlobalActionGlobalWarming_OH_201507.pdf

• ¡°A Model of Price-Response Retail Electricity Consumers¡± (with Chu, Heo-Yeon), under review