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Kim, Soyean

Contact Information

• Office: Room 308, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-2324
• E-mail: sokim@khu.ac.kr

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests
• Online Trust,Social Media,Online Impression Management,Self-Presentation, Self-Disclosure,Online Word-of-Mouth,Interpersonal Persuasion, Customer Relationship Management,Public Policy in Marketing

Courses Taught
• Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Global Marketing, Probabilistic and Statistical Decision Making for Management


• Ph.D. Marketing, Boston University, 2013
• M.B.A. Marketing and Real Estate Finance, Columbia Business School, 2008
• B.B.A. Business Administration, Yonsei University, 2005

Professional Experience

• 2010-2012 Lecturer, Boston University School of Management
• 2008 Summer Internship, Global Real Estate Acquisition Team, Mirae Asset Investment Management Co. (Seoul, Korea)
• 2008 Academic Year Project, Strategy Planning, Zara Headquarter (La Coruna, Spain)
• 2007 Academic Year Project, Strategic Consulting Team, Chanel Co. (New York, USA)

Selected Publications

Referred Journal Articles:
• ¡°Direct Transport Rules in Regional Trade Agreements and Suggestions¡± with J. Kim
(Journal of International Trade and Commerce, 13(2), 1-19, 2017)
• ¡°Store Layout Optimization Using Indoor Positioning System¡± with H. Hwangbo, JH Kim, and Z. Lee
(International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2017)
• ¡°A Study on the Acceptance of Korea-China FTA Using Opinion Mining Analysis¡± with JH Kim
(Journal of Korea Trade, 19(4), 63-93, 2015)
• ¡°Limitations of Marketing Activities in Parallel Imports¡± with J. Kim
(Journal of International Trade and Commerce, 11(4), 2015)
• ¡°Consumers¡¯ Perception on Legal Liability of the Online Reviews¡±
(International Commerce and Information Review, 17(3), 3-27, 2015)
• ¡°Factors Driving the Adoption of Overseas Direct Buying in Korea¡±
(Journal of International Trade and Commerce, 11(3), 1-21, 2015)
• ¡°Discussion of Certification Marks to Relieve Consumer Distrust for Parallel Imports¡± with J. Kim
(Journal of International Trade and Insurance, 16(1), 85-106, 2015)
• ¡°The Effect of the Customs Clearance Certification Label on Consumers¡¯ Perception and Purchase Intention towards Parallel Imports¡±
(The Journal of Korea Research Society for Customs, 16(2), 29-49, 2015)
• ¡°Customs Classification Disputes over IT Products and Implications for Global Trade¡± with J. Kim
(Journal of Commodity Science and Technology, 33(2), 93-103, 2015)

Book Chapters:
• Bickart, Barbara, Soyean Kim, Seema Pai, and Frederic Brunel and Seema Pai (2015), ¡°How Social Media Influencers Build a Brand Following by Sharing Secrets,¡± in Susan Fournier, Michael Breazeale, and Jill Avery (eds.), Strong Brands, Strong Relationships, Vol. 2. London: Routledge, 126-152.
• Kim, Soyean (Julia), Barbara Bickart, Frederic Brunel and Seema Pai (2013), ¡°Chapter 7. Can Your Business Have 1 Million Friends? Understanding and Using Blogs as One-to-One Mass Media,¡± in Eldon Y. Li, Stanley Loh, Cain Evans, and Fabiana Lorenzi (eds.), Organizations and Social Networking: Utilizing Social CRM to Engage Consumers. Hershey, PA: IGI Press

• Goss, Maloni, Soyean Kim, Alessandro Savelli, Rebecca Smith, Annelise Pruitt, Angel Sheng, and Gennie Yi (2007), ¡°Case Study: Chanel 2012¡±, The Design and Marketing of Luxury Goods, Luxury Education Foundation

Other Publications:
• Kim, Soyean (Julia), Barbara Bickart, Frederic Brunel, and Seema Pai (2013), ¡°How to Persuade 100,000 Friends? Understanding and Using Blogs as One-to-One Mass Media¡±, in Cele Otnes and (eds.) Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. , Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research.
• Kim, Soyean, Barbara Bickart, Frederic Brunel, (2012), ¡°Too Much Information: How Expertise Disclosures Affect the Persuasiveness of Online Consumer Reviews¡±, Duluth: Advances in Consumer Research, Rohini Ahluwalia, Tanya Chartrand, and Rebecca Ratner (Eds.).