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Kim, Jun Yeup

Contact Information

• Office: Room 313, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-3805
• E-mail: junyeup@khu.ac.kr

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests
• Development Project Management (Strategy), Chinese Economics, Industrial Cluster, Urban and Regional Economics

Courses Taught
• Development Project Management (GSP), Strategy of Development Assistance Project (GSP), International Business (KIC), Chinese Economy (GSP)


• Ph.D. in Planning Studies, University College London, 2005
• M.A. in International Area Studies, Korea University, 1999
• B.A. in Business, Tamkang University (Taiwan), 1994

Professional Experience

• 2006. 1 – 2007. 8 Research Fellow, Enterprise Research and Development Unit (ERDU), Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln

Selected Publications

Journal Paper
• ¡®Does Spatial Clustering Foster Global Production Networks? The case of Qingdao¡¯ European Planning Studies (2011), 19(1): pp.63-76
• ¡®Who¡¯s driving take-up? An examination of patterns of small business engagement with Business Link¡¯ Environment and Planning C (2010), 28(2): pp.257-275 (with Andrew Atherton and Hyeyoen Kim)
• ¡®Formation of FDI Clustering – A New Path to Local Economic Development: The Case of Qingdao¡¯Regional Studies (2008), 42(2): pp.265-280 (With Le-Yin Zhang)

Chapters in Books
• ¡°The Clustering of FDI and Inter-firm linkages in Qingdao City: Case of development zones¡± (pp. 385-407) Industrial Clusters and Inter-Firm Networks published by Edward Elgar Publisher Edited by Charlie Karlsson, B2rje Johansson and Roger R. Stough (Jun. 2005) Book Reviews
• ¡®Growth New Technology Ventures in China¡¯s Emerging Market¡¯ Edward Elgar, edited by Li Haiyang, The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 7(4).

Chapters in Symposium Anthology
• ¡°The formation of clustering of FDI and the role of inter-firm networks in China: Case of Qingdao HTIP and Hunagdao ETDZ¡± (pp. 535-555) Entrepreneurship, Spatial Industrial Clusters and Inter-firm Networks. Research papers of Uddevalla Symposium 2003, 12th – 14th June, Uddevalla, Sweden
• ¡°The clustering of direct foreign investment and inter-regional collaboration in China: Case of Qingdao and Huangdao City¡± (pp. 487-503) Regions in Competition and Co-operation Research Papers of Uddevalla Symposium 2004 17th – 19th June, Fredrikstad, Norway
• ¡°FDI Clustering, Innovation and Economic Development¡± IEEE International Conference on Management Innovation and Technology Research papers of IEEE 2010, 2nd – 5th June, Furama Riverfront, Singapore

Research Presentations
(International Symposium and Conference Presentation)
• ¡°The formation of clustering of direct foreign investment and the role of inter-firm networks in China: Case study of Qingdao Hi-Tech Industrial Park and Huangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone¡± Paper presented in 6th Uddevalla Symposium 12th – 14th Jun. 2003
• ¡°A new way of local economic development? Case of inter-firm networks in Qingdao development zones¡± Paper presented in the 15th Annual Conference of the Chinese Economic Association (UK) in Middlesex University Business School, 5th – 6th Apr. 2004
• ¡°The clustering of direct foreign investment and inter-regional collaboration in China: Case of Qingdao and Huangdao City¡± Paper presented in 7th Uddevalla Symposium 17th – 19th Jun. 2004
• ¡°Urban economic development and the role of inter-firm co-operation in China: Case of Qingdao City¡± Paper presented in Royal Geographical Society with The Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference 2005
• ¡°Flows and Spaces in a Globalised World¡± RGS-IBG, London, 31st Aug – 2nd Sep. 2005
• ¡°Clustering and global subcontracting networks in Qingdao development zones¡± Paper presented in 3rd International Conference Special Theme: Organizational Performance and Change, University of Lincoln, 7th Apr. – 8th Apr. 2006
• ¡°An innovative region: Evidence from local clusters and global supply networks in Qingdao, China Paper was accepted in 7th Uddevalla Symposium 15th – 17th Jun. 2006
• ¡°The dynamics of inter-organizational networks in China¡± Paper presented in British Academy of Management, Queen¡¯s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, 12th – 14th Sep. 2006
• ¡°Reconceptualization of Cluster, Linkages and Development¡± Paper presented in 29th Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (ISBE) Annual Conference, Cardiff-Caerdydd, UK, 31st Oct – 2nd Nov. 2006.
• ¡°Cluster, Knowledge and Spatial Organization: Toward a theoretical Integration¡± Paper was accepted in Cardiff Business School & Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM) International Workshop, Cardiff, UK, 2nd -3rd Apr. 2007
• ¡°Does Spatial Organization Foster Global Networks? The case of Qingdao¡± Paper presented in EURAM 2007, Paris, France, 16th – 19th May, 2007.
• ¡°Designing an academy for high-growth businesses: the challenges of identifying and engaging high-growth entrepreneurs with a public policy initiative¡± Paper presented in ICSB World Conference 2007, Turku, Finland, 13th – 15th June, 2007
• ¡°Spatial Organization of FDI Clustering: A Theoretical Approach¡± Paper was accepted in British Academy of Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, 11th – 13th Sep. 2007
• ¡°Building Capacity through Private Sector Development: A Cluster Approach¡± Paper presented in International Conference ¡®Poverty Reduction and Building Capacity through Public Private Partnership¡¯ co-hosted by Korean Association of International Development and Cooperation and Kyung Hee University, 24th Apr. 2008
• ¡°Global Financial Crisis and Local Economy¡± Session Chaired in International Conference ¡®Global Partnership for International Economic Development¡¯ Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies, Kyung Hee University, 12th – 14th Feb. 2009