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An, Jiyoun

Contact Information

• Office: Room 317, International Studies Building
• Phone: 031-201-3884
• E-mail: ja256@khu.ac.kr

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests
• Financial Economics, International Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, International Capital Flows, Exchange Rate Regimes

Courses Taught
• Introduction to Economics II, Macroeconomics, Mathematics for Economics and Business, Statistics for Social Science


• Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University, Aug. 2010
Committee: David Ng (Chair), G. Andrew Karolyi, Warren Bailey, Hazem Daouk,and Xiaoyan Zhang
• Visiting Ph.D. student in Finance, University of Pennsylvania, Jul. 2009 – Ma. 2010
• M.A. in Economics, Cornell University, Jan. 2009
• M.A. in Urban Planning and Engineering, Yonsei University, Feb. 2001
• B.A. in Urban Planning and Engineering, Yonsei University, Feb. 1999

Professional Experience

• Mar. 2017 - present: Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University
• Mar. 2013 – Feb. 2017: Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University
• Aug. 2010 – Feb. 2013: Research Fellow, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)

Selected Publications

•Assessing the Effects of Negative Interest Rate Policy (with In Huh), 2017, Review of International Money and Finance Vol.7(1):45-79(in Korean)
•Oil prices and Won/Dollar Exchange Rates:their Relationship and Channels (with In Huh), 2017, Journal of Korean Economic Development Vol.23(1):45-67(in Korean)
•Capital and credit market integration and real economic contagion during the global financial crisis (with Ju Hun Pyun), 2016, Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol.67:172-193
•External adjustment and trading partners¡¯ exchange rate regimes (with Bokyeong Park), 2016, Japan and the World Economy Vol. 37-38: 47-54
•Election Cycles and Stock Market Reaction: International Evidence (with Cheolbeom Park), 2015, The Korean Journal of Policy Studies Vol. 30(3): 23-40
•The Book-to-Market Anomaly in Chinese Stock Market (with Kin-Yip Ho), 2015, Journal of East Asian Economic Integration Vol. 19(3): 223-241
•The Determinants of Future Bank Stock Returns in Eight Asian Countries (with Sung-o Na), 2014, Journal of East Asian Economic Integration Vol. 18(3): 253-276
•An Empirical Evaluation of Macro-Prudential Measures: Focusing on Debt Inflows to Korea (with Huh In), 2014, Asian Economic Papers Vol. 13(2): 68-85
•Analysis on Credit Rate Upgrade of Korea after Asian Currency Crisis (with In Huh and Da-Young Yang), 2013, Kukju Kyungje Yongu Vol. 19(4): 68-88 (in Korean)
•Impacts of Large-scale Disasters on Stock Markets in Countries occurred and Korea, 2013, Review of International Money and Finance Vol. 3(1): 107-132 (in Korean)
•Can Capital Account Liberalization Lessen Capital Volatility in a Country with ¡®Original Sin¡¯? (with Bokyeong Park), 2012, Asian Economic Papers Vol. 11(2): 1-22
•Warranted Multiples and Future Returns (with Sanjeev Bhojraj and David Ng), 2010, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Vol. 25(2): 143-169
•A Hierachical Decision-Making Model for Progress in Reducing Three Evils: Terroism, Poverty and Environmental Degradation (with Walter Isard), 2004,Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, Vol.10(3):1-21
•Spatial optimal allocation of investments: an application of the dynamic multiregional social accounting matrix(with Eujjune Kim), 2002, Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies, Vol.14(1):41-58