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Adjunct & Visiting Professor

Both the College of International Studies and Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies are home to a large number of passionate professors with various backgrounds in international studies.

Faculty Directory
Name Title Area E-mail
Bae, Sung Il Adjunct Professor Economics myremi@nate.com
Chang, Seh Jin Visiting Professor Economics sjchang@inha.ac.kr
Cho, Seok Visiting Professor Economics scho1111@hanmail.net
Hur, Yoon Sun Visiting Professor Political Science yoonsun.hur@gmail.com
Jin, Jae Hee Visiting Professor French Language and Literature mars0310@empal.com
Kim, Yong Bin Visiting Professor International Development Coop kimcarlos@dmi.or.kr
Kwon, Ho Visiting Professor Agricultural Economics, Economics tigerho@hanmail.net
Kang, Kyung Jae Visiting Professor Food Policy & applied Nutrition kyungjae.kang@gmail.com
Lee, Dong Hoon Visiting Professor Business Administration donghoonlee@donga.co.kr
Lee, Chan Woo Visiting Professor International Business chanwool@wintell.com
Ryoo, Sang Chul Visiting Professor Economics, Finance scr29@bok.or.kr
Yun, Joon-Min Visiting Professor International Business joon-min.yun@raizegls.com
Jeong, Ji Sun Adjunct Professor International Development, Aid jisunjeong@gmail.com
HONG, Moon Suk Visiting Professor moonshiely@gmail.com