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Both the College of International Studies and Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies are home to a large number of passionate professors with various backgrounds in international studies.

Faculty Directory

(Faculty directory listed in alphabetical order).

Faculty Directory
Name Title Area E-mail
An, Jiyoun Assistant Professor Economics ja256@khu.ac.kr
Chae, Wook Honorary Distinguished Professor Economics wkchae53@gmail.com
Chu, Hyo-Youn Assistant Professor Economics hychu7@khu.ac.kr
Chung, Jin-Young Professor Political Science jychung@khu.ac.kr
Hamm, Meeja Honorary Distinguished Professor Business Management meejahamm@gmail.com
Hyun, Hea- Jung Associate Professor Economics hjhyun@khu.ac.kr
Jeon, Jong Kyou Associate Professor Economics jkjeon@khu.ac.kr
Jeong, Jaeseok Professor Advertising profjeong@khu.ac.kr
Jung, Ha Lyong Professor Political Science hljung@khu.ac.kr
Kim, Jun Yeup MKE&MIT Director, Associate Professor Planning Studies junyeup@khu.ac.kr
Kim, Keun Soo Department Chair of IB / Professor Finance keunskim@khu.ac.kr
Kim, Soyean Assistant Professor Marketing sokim@khu.ac.kr
Kim, Sunil Assistant Professor Political Science sunilkim@khu.ac.kr
Kwak, Jae Sung Associate Dean / Professor International Politics kwakwak@khu.ac.kr
Kwon, Manhak Professor Political Science mhkwon@khu.ac.kr
Lee, Chang Soo Professor Economics chslee@khu.ac.kr
Lee, Gemma Associate Professor Finance gemma.lee@khu.ac.kr
Lee, Young Jo Professor Political Science yjlee@khu.ac.kr
Mako, William P. Honorary Distinguished Professor Finance makowp@gmail.com
Moon, Don Professor Political Science donmoon@khu.ac.kr
Morrison, Sharon L Assistant Professor Divinity profmorrison@yahoo.com
Oh, Hyungna Associate Professor Economics h.oh@khu.ac.kr
Park, Bokyeong Department Chair of IDC / Associate Professor Economics bokyeong23@khu.ac.kr
Park, Hahnkyu Dean / Professor Political Science shpark@khu.ac.kr
Park, Soo Heon Professor Political Science shpark@khu.ac.kr
Pastreich, Emanuel Associate Professor East Asian Studies epastreich@khu.ac.kr
Shin, Sang Hyup Professor Economics shshin@khu.ac.kr
Sung, Keuk Je Professor Economics kjsung@khu.ac.kr
Tellidis, Ioannis Associate Professor International Relations i.tellidis@khu.ac.kr
Woo, Seongji Professor Political Science sjwoo@khu.ac.kr
Yang, Chun Hee Professor International Relation chyang@khu.ac.kr
Yang, Doo Yong Professor Economics yangdy@khu.ac.kr
Yeo, Yu Kyung Associate Professor Political Science y.yeo@khu.ac.kr
Yoo, Tae Hwan Department Chair of IT&EC / Professor Economics thyoo@khu.ac.kr
Kim, DoHoon Honorary Distinguished Professor International Economics dhkim2016@khu.ac.kr