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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Various scholarships and financial aid are available to both Korean and international students at GSP. These scholarships and assistantships (together with other forms of financial assistance) form the basis of the GSP financial assistance policy whereby approximately 40% of the total tuition is provided to students as financial aid to defray expenses.

The scholarships, however, are granted to students who have exhibited academic excellence. In the case of the first semester, the amount of the scholarship is based on the evaluation record of the applicant. From the second semester on, the amount of scholarship will be determined by the Scholarship Committee based on the student's academic performance in the previous semester. Only students with an official English test score of over 850 TOEIC or equivalent are eligible to receive a scholarship.

Merit Scholarship

Merit scholarships are offered to GSP students on the basis of their previous academic performance. GSP students who satisfy the requirements listed below may qualify for a merit scholarship.


  • Students who have TOEIC score of over 850 or equivalent are eligible to receive a merit scholarship.
  • M.A students are required to have earned at least 9 credits and Ph.D. students at least 6 credits in the previous semester to be eligible to receive the merit scholarship.

Merit Scholarship Levels

Merit scholarship level
Class 1A Full scholarship covering tuition fees
Class 2A Scholarship covering 75% of tuition fees
Class 2B Scholarship covering 50% of tuition fees
Class 2C Scholarship covering 25% of tuition fees
Class 3 Scholarship covering 0% of tuition fees

National Scholarship

KOICA(Korea International Cooperation Agency)

GSP offers Master’s degree program in Industry and Trade Policy for students coming via the KOICA scholarship program. Students are normally nominated by their own countries to study at one of the leading Korean universities. Among those nominated, only 20 students from various backgrounds are selected throug GSP admissions. For further information, pelase visit https://www.koica.go.kr/.

NIIED (National Institute of International Education Development)

The National Institute for International Education Development (NIIED) is responsible for education of overseas Koreans and international exchange and cooperation in education. NIIED is an executive agency affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Korea, and they promote their program and recruit possible foreign students in the Korean embassies abroad to bring them to study in Korea. Foreign students coming to Korea via NIIED normally study Korean language first and then seek a degree program (undergraduate and postgraduate programs). For further information, please visit http://www.ied.go.kr/

NIEHRD (National Institute of Environmental Human Resources Development)

The National Institute of Environmental Human Resources Development (NIEHRD) is an independent national environmental training institute funded by the Ministry of Environment of Korea (KME) to improve capacity of government officials. It is responsible for offering education programs for government officials and employees in the environmental field and general public. It is an implement organization of Master's Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy (MGLEP). For further information, please visit http://ehrd.me.go.kr/kor/index.do

Magnolia Financial Aid

The Magnolia Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for students who have recently experienced financial hardship. Students who apply for this scholarship are required to submit financial records sufficient to prove their financial difficulties. The following conditions are necessary (but may not be the sole criteria) for the magnolia scholarship:


  • Korean students whose family income is equal to or below the 50 percentile of income needed together with the submission of a reasonable explanation for why they need the Magnolia Scholarship. (Recipients of the National Basic Livelihood, the next lowest income bracket and/or disabled persons will be given the highest priority.)
  • International students can also apply for the Magnolia Scholarship. International students who want to apply for the Magnolia Scholarship must provide additional documents and a hardship letter that explains how they have come to face unexpected financial hardship after entering GSP.

Application Process

Student should apply for the Magnolia Scholarship at least four months or more before the new semester begins. (November for the spring semester of the next year, or May for the fall semester).

  • Students must first download and fill out the application from the GSP website.
  • Students then consult their respective department head and obtain their signature on the application.
  • Students then submit their application to the GSP office along with a written essay explaining why the Magnolia Scholarship is necessary.

Internship Financial Aid

GSP encourages students to gain internship experience, although it is not mandatory. Internships abroad may be financially supported up to a maximum of three million Korean won.


  • Students must submit an application requesting financial aid to the GSP administration office before conducting the internship.
  • Financial aid will be given only to students who are doing internship overseas (outside their home country).
  • Students are eligible to receive financial aid when they maintain enrollment at GSP for the semester following the internship. Otherwise, students may receive financial aid when they re-enroll at GSP.

Application Process

Students should submit all of the required documents within five (5) weeks after the completion of internship. The required documents are listed below:

  • - The Approved Internship Application
  • - The Internship Evaluation Letter
  • - The Internship Evaluation Form
  • - The Internship Report
  • - A boarding pass or receipt confirming the airfare.

Financial Aid for Overseas Training or Workshops

  • GSP selects students to attend the Osaka University Workshop every winter vacation and provides financial aid.
  • The MIDAC program holds overseas training programs every summer, and participants receive a scholarship to help cover the overseas expenses. (This financial aid is for MIDAC students only).

Work-based Scholarships

Extensive work-based scholarship opportunities are available to most enrolled students of GSP.

Work-based Scholarships
Scholarship Scholarship Benefit Duty
KHU Administration Assistance Scholarships A scholarship covering partial or total tuition fees based on work hours Working as an administrative assistant at departments at Kyung Hee University
MKE Thesis Assistance Compensation for thesis assistance Translate Korean theses or articles into English, and collect data or translate at interviews of Korean experts who do not speak English.
MKE Campus Life Assistance Compensation for assistance on matters related to campus life Help MKE students to solve problems or issues related to campus life
Student Council Subsidies Compensation for the student council Administrative work on the student council